Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Ramshackle Space Lords of the Tartarus Rim

Conspicuous among the families of the Tartarus Rim is the Rex-Avis clan. We have previously met several members, foremost among them Arthur Zanzibar Rex-Avis (in the tank chair) . . .

his mother and clan matriarch Livinia January "Colorado" Rex-Avis and her chief advisor and confidante Sir Stanley Ursaline-Drakemore, Royal Order of the Flowering Lamp . . .

and Colorado's younger sister Nepenthia Rex-Avis Wadsworth.

Today we meet the further clan offspring. First I bring you Olympia Sable Rex-Avis, the younger child of Colorado. She is a supreme negotiator and expert businesswoman. She is equally comfortable quietly retrieving family heirlooms from disreputable businessmen or convincing dubious creditors that forgiving family debts better suits their interests than  collecting them.

Olympia has a marked fondness for music and story, thus the rainbow chasing frogman Robin suits her twice. His skill on the banjo and his family histories and spectral quests are unrivaled in the Rim territories.

Adopted son Jasper Dysdeimos Rex-Avis completes the clan. His is the life of the fearless explorer, often far from home and hearth.

The natural son of a third sister, now deceased, Jasper's position in the clan was assured even before Colorado took him as her own some fifteen years prior.

Finally we see the entire clan together on a rare and celebrated occasion.

Apart from Colorado and Sir Stanley, who are from the Spacelords range, the clan members use miniatures from Ramshackle. This is a relatively new range of great character and potential. Some, like Nepenthia and Jasper, are cast in metal, but a great many others are made of a crisp and detailed, if somewhat brittle resin. (Nepenthia's ride, the Vole Light Tank, is made of the same resin by the same company.) All told I must say I very much like the line. They paint up better even than I might have guessed and I think they fit in quite well with both the Spacelords and the old Citadel miniatures that make up the bulk of my collection. Again, my hat is off to Mr. Fell and his cohorts at Ramshackle.

And my thanks goes also to you, gentle readers. I hope you find some use or enjoyment here.

The Composer


  1. A Frogman with a banjo. Now that is creative craziness that I like! Fine work, Mr. C.

  2. Somehow I knew you would like Robin there. I need to post more on him soon, as he has a bit of a backstory.

  3. ^Cheetor,

    Thank you! The frog bard has given me many ideas. He's from a good line, that frog.


    Thank you! I'm fairly pleased with the way things are going. I may be a distance from the best to be found in the world of Oldhammer, but I'm glad there's some real merit to my small contributions. Stay posted. There's more to follow soonish. :)