Monday, August 29, 2022

Buildings and Posters


          A while back I came into some old model railroad buildings. They're about the perfect size for 40K, but needed at least some paint and a little love. Here's the first results. There are still some issues, but . . . I think with appropriate set dressing they'll be fine. :) The first is a freight depot, which can serve as a small shack or warehouse on any remote world, I think. The paintjob was exceptionally quick and dirty. Basically, I washed everything with grimy black and then highlighted up a little with some drybrushing in different dirty colors. To the top of that I added some signs and posters from Ramshackle Curtis's latest patron special; a garage full of simian aliens.

          Next up was a quonset hut. It's hard to argue with a drain pipe building on a frontier world. I don't think you could ask for a building that gives a better sense of remote and temporary, but somewhat techy. Again, the paint was exceptionally quick and dirty. I painted the whole thing brown and then drybrushed silver on top. Glued on the signage and lightly drybrushed some dirt onto everything, especially the signs, to give them a slightly weathered look. (I think I might also have hit them with some brush cleaning water that I then wiped off to stain them a little.) I added some brown ink in a few places so suggest rust stains running down things a little. (Though not too much. I usually go for arid environments, and when it's dry things really don't rust as quickly.) 

Anyway, it's not perfect. They're snap together kits, and the gaps on the station are pretty brutal. I think I might go back and fill them. And of course there's no glass in the windows, but for a game that might be more feature than bug. (After all, you can't position a model to shoot through a window if you glue clear plastic into it.)

All in all, I think they're okay. More to come later. :)