Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year in Review

Time for the second annual installment of the miniature year in review over on the Tartarus Rim. It's been a middling year. Neither the best, nor the worst. Had some good months, but hit a couple of snags as life got in the way. Didn't accomplish as much of what I set out to do on the last review as I'd like, but more than none.

To wit, last year I put forward a series of goals:

A. Paint my backlog of 1/2400 ships. This is unlikely, but I have only HAD a backlog for about a year and a half now. I don't like having broken my new rule (don't buy new ships until the old ones are painted) but a fire sale with unbeatable prices weakened me. I want very much to fix that.

Well, I painted some of them. Didn't get through the whole backlog, but didn't expect that, really. And I didn't buy any new ships to make it larger. So progress.

B. I'd like a few new buildings for Logansport. A bar would be good. Maybe also a temple. Quite possibly a brothel.
No brothel, no temple, but progress. New buildings, however small, did in fact appear.

C. The Lace Rock Gang needs a spaceship. A small one, to be sure, but a useful one.
Yeah, nope. No spaceship yet. Still need to do that.

D. The Lace Rock Gang needs a rock. Which is to say they need a home operating base.
Also no rock.

E. A little further progress on the genestealer and elf armies would be nice.
But a solid win here. I did, in fact, make progress on both armies. Not done, but progress generally made. Just means I need to keep plugging at it, I suppose. So here's what I did accomplish . . . 

28 mm Terrain . . .

Characters and critters . . . 

1, 2, 3

4, 5

6, 7

A rather large 8


13, 14, 15


An iconic 17

18 atop her steed

19, 20

21-25 (25 is the obscured "Colorado" Rex-Avis)

26, 27, 28

29, 30

31, 32, 33

34, 35, 36

37, 38, 39




43, 44



47, 48


50, 51

52 takes flight . . .


54 and 55



58, 59 (a pair of commissions)

60, and 61 (two more commissions)

Vehicles . . .








3, 4 (the merchies fore and aft)

5 (the oiler)

6, 7 (also the merchies)


9, 10


a VERY small 12

13 not much bigger . . .

14, 15, and 16

So that's the year, it would seem. 

In sum we have:

A shedload of small trees and a two small terrain pieces
61 28 mm miniatures
5 28 mm vehicles
16 1/2400 ships.

Not record breaking, but tolerable enough, given that it's been a busy year in other ways. Not as many ships nor as much terrain as last year, but more sci-fi kids. Actually, almost the same number of miniatures all told, just arranged differently. And . . . what with the large number of small terrain pieces this year it's really hard to compare. So for next year (carrying some forward from last year)

A. Work on assorted miniatures backlogs before you buy new stuff . . . 
B. A 1/2400 city would be pretty sweet.
C. Still want that temple and that brothel and maybe a bar. You need more buildings.
D. Still need a ship for the gang.
E. And a rock.

Thanks for joining me. See you in 2016.

The Compser