Monday, January 11, 2016

Abhumans to the Fore! (Leading the Charge to New Wilmington.)

You might think the year end review is already past, but this is a sort of final post as well. You see, I find that this has occurred . . .

What is this fuzzy awfullness, you might ask. It's an increasingly large proportion of our possessions in boxes, down to and including my miniatures . . .

Yeah, yeah, it doesn't look so well boxed yet. Certainly not well enough for my wife. (You might note there is a small scene composed in the center of the boxes. A scene which will be revealed later in this post.) But it's a far sight from where it was even a few days ago. You see, we are moving from the nearer side of this . . .

(Which isn't usually buried under nearly that much snow. I shot that in the wake of a small blizzard a few years back. But somehow I don't seem to have a better photograph to hand, and it's the middle of the night, so, well, you take what you've got.)

To this . . . 

It will, of course, have furniture by the time we get there. And certain things will change. Colors, details . . . It will be considerably more space, rather less expense (oddly), and generally a much better gig. Also a larger and more vibrant city. Some folks in BoCoMO will be missed, but we won't be so far that we or they can't visit with a modest bit of travel. And there will be MUCH more gaming space. Hee haa!

But in the meantime, let some abhumans lead the way from the old NIFTI capitol to New Wilmington.

What does that say? . . . "Ech u ledhthar"? What the heck? That's not a dwarven tongue. Why is a short bearded dude riding around with something written in . . . Elvish?

Still, none shall pass the fearsome dwarven retinue! The fellow on the bike and the lead gent in the golden armor with the horns are the new additions. The other two fellows are there to make the unit look marginally more complete. (There will be more joining them.) 

And if by chance you get past the dwarves, the satyrs are waiting close at hand. PFC Fernsy, on the right with the brown coat, is joined here by a new levy from the wastes. The new fellow's marksmanship isn't too great yet, but he's eager, so he ought to do well with that saw he's swinging. The new miniature is a Demonblade Goathead from the late eighties. They size up quite nicely with the Citadel beastmen that likely inspired them to some appreciable extent. (And seeing as Citadel never provided terribly much support to the space beastmen it's a nice thing that other companies gave some variety.)  All in all it's a good month so far. And my new painting digs might even have windows . . . daylight . . . things I've not seen in a long time. With luck there will be more from the other side very soon.

The Composer