Thursday, January 22, 2015

Slan Craft II: An Amphibious Update

Those keeping up might recall that I discussed some Space Slann conversions I was working on in Slann Craft I: Fantasy Lead into Sic-Fi Gold. The wait is over. They are arriv├ęs, these frogs from espace.

They really are much much smaller than the Citadel toad, but he's one of the larger fellows in the range, and there's a lot of variation in size and color in the real critters as well. Here's a few closeups of the victims, if you wish to further scrutinize my hackjob.

As always, thanks for coming along. I hope we've all learned something from this experience. I've got a long way to go on my journey of what Jay would call "putty pushing," but I've at least stepped onto the trail.

The Composer


  1. Unusual and nice loking minis...atmospheric pictures as well...

  2. I like 'em. Nice work. They might even give a mutant Catfish Man a bit of a problem while disputing over territorial rights concerning the big bend in the river.

  3. ^Phil

    Thank you. As I work on my characters I'm trying to improve the set as well. Glad you like both.


    Again, thank you. I could easily see them tangling with some mutant catfish men. Or even a flying pig. There are strange rumors and stranger truths along the Tartarus Rim. River disputes are doubtless as common on Moab II as they are here. Too many critters and not enough water. (And since thy're space frogs they can always get in the ol' shuttle and mosey on down to the next holler.)


  4. Good work, I strongly approve of converting other actually affordable ranges to make things like Slann.

    You definitely need to make a catfish man.

  5. Thank you Cheetor. It's the only way I can usually afford to do something like this. A friend of mine suggested that to "Oldhammer" you have to be either grandfathered in (with a collection of old lead) or independently wealthy. I HOPE this isn't actually the case, but with miniature prices being what they are now I fear she's more right than wrong. As the community grows, our sculpting skills improve, and companies like Mirliton continue to re-release old sculpts maybe that will change.