Thursday, June 12, 2014

5th Annual NIFTI Fleet Review

Well, it's that time again. Actually, it's well past that time. In point of fact the fleet review has been ongoing now for more than a month, and I'm only now getting around to writing about it. While this is no excuse, life has been busy in NIFTI. Still, without further ado, the Review . . . 

Reviewing the Imperial Japanese section of the fleet.

New Cai Lay Harbor looking south from Bean Hill

Three Flowers steam around the North side of Soeur Trois in the West Bay

A pair of Secrataries patrol the East Bay

I won't spend a lot of time belaboring it, because I want to get down to reviews of new models in the near future, but I want to at least mention it and point you to the new review video:

I tried some new animation tricks in there. All very quick work. Haven't gotten so elaborate as smoke, wakes, or shell splashes yet. These will come another time. But I'm reasonably pleased with the results as experiments go. The animation begins about halfway in. Lots of slow pans of the fleet first. If you are curious, the pieces are my own "Fanfare and Fugue" and "March of the Robot Monster" as performed by some friends and acquaintances of mine. I anxiously await your thoughts.

The Composer.


  1. Bravo! Bravo!!! Excellent and long may the Empress live!

    Brilliant fleet collection, wonderful paint jobs. All 1/2400 I'm guessing? Thank you for sharing them.

    R, Jim

  2. Thank you. Indeed, it is all 1/2400. A mix of many different manufacturers and even a scratchbuild. (Several of the conversions are extensive enough they might as well also have been scratchbuilds.) There's a lot of Panzerschiffe, some C in C, a little GHQ, a good deal of Viking Forge/Seabattles, some straight up Viking Forge . . . even a little Superior. Again, thank you. Fun putting it together.