Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Good to be Dictator for Life

. . . But better still to be the Queen's Chosen Companion.

I have stepped down as God Emperor of My Basement with the coronation of the new Queen Empress and Goddess Among Us. Fortunately, in the first, and probably last election, I have been appoi . . . er elected by acclamation Duly Elected Dictator for Life. In honor of this I am renaming My Basement the New Independency of the Triple Florentine Intersection or "Nifty" for short. With my first act as Duly Elected Dictator for Life I have broken ground on a new capital to be called Cai Lay after the Queen Empress's birthplace.

The Annual Birthday Review was superseded by the Coronation Review, which perhaps explains why it's so late this year. Without further ado, I give you photographic evidence.

First, a pair of pictures from the royal yacht.

The review this year could also be seen from the loftier perch of a tethered balloon hanging over the West River. Below is some video shot from this vantage accompanied by a pair of the dictator's own compositions: Prelude and Fugue in C Major, and and Fugue in C Minor, both for organ. 

Following the surface and balloon tours we boarded the Dictatorial jet and  took to the skies. Here you can see a general overview.

Here's a nice shot of Her Majesty the Queen showing her keen interest in the proceedings.

I have also provided shots showing the individual national constituents of the Nifty Fleet. Most of my readers will be aware that the Duly Elected Dictator, being a fan of history, has constructed his fleet in the image of the various participants of World War II. Each national fleet is accorded its own position in the annual review. These have evolved over the years as the Grand Nifty Fleet has grown, but the allies and chief opponents of various belligerents have always been given close proximity where possible. And the U.S. has always been afforded the front right corner.

The United States Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine

Nihon Kaigun and the Imperial Japanese Merchant Marine

The Royal Navy and Merchant Marine of the United Kingdom

Italy's Reggio Marina and Merchant Marine

Germany's Kriegsmarine and her Merchant Marine

France's Marine National and Merchant Marine

The Royal Navy of the Netherlands

Warships and Merchant Vessels of Canada and Australia

The Royal Thai Navy and Merchant Marine

The Nationalist Chinese Navy

Harbor Vessels and Merchant Vessels of Neutral Nations

Lastly, I will close with a small foretaste of things to come. Let us simply say that next years review will be even more grand.


  1. I like the look of the land/hills. Great looking ships. Glad to see the Queen so amazed by your toys...sorry, I mean fleet.

  2. The land is essentially standard wargaming foamboard "hills" as you probably guessed. But I try to carve them a little rockier than some and I think they painted up well. (They're intended for desert terrain, but they make nice islands.)

    Would that the Queen were a little more interested, but that may come in time. She seemed to genuinely enjoy our trip to the railroad museum. (Yeah, I'm one of those too. Used to even volunteer out there for a certain rather steamy organization.)