Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spaceport Dicks

It's time to finish up February and begin the March of the local lawmen.

Several moons ago, back when I first began writing the adventures of the Lacerock Gang, I made mention of a very helpful set of Logansport's finest whom I dubbed the "spaceport dicks." Between then and now I added a second group to the courtesy patrol, the Logansport Constabulary. These fellows first came up in Madmen of the Moab Wastes. I bought them from EM4 specifically to start a local police force for Moab III. They belong to the near future plastics range. I figured a regular police force would be more useful than the security detail for what amounts to the local airport. You can see the first two in blue and white with the LPC initials on their shoulder. But with the purchase of the most lovely Spacelords from Doug at EM4 I now had two compatible but different security types. And these guys are nice. They're the fellows in black behind the beat cops.

I decided to give them the more official title Logan's Space Port Security.

Of course they're just carrying some kind of stun sticks, so they're not as well armed as the boys in blue, but they look much cooler while at it. Much to the chagrin of the fellow in red with the little white monkey.

Red anarchists. Red demons. What's next? Red letters? 

Nah, the letter is the usual white color. But with the squat and the Rex-Avis clan are my last two spacelords miniatures: a civilian with a ream of papers and the pilot of the ship the knight and his lady have chartered to take them off world. The pilot was my last miniature of February and the squat my first of March.

In total February worked out to an ogre in a vest, several more elves, a beastman recruit into the local Imperial Guard, a couple of quite dangerous adventuring women, a couple of local nobles, and a few members of a ship's crew, and demonic familiar sort of fellow not picture on the blog for about about thirteen miniatures. Not too shabby. 

And below is a little hint of things to come . . .

It looks like things might be taking a turn for the more buggy on the local religious scene. Which can only spell trouble.

Thanks for reading along. Hope you saw something you liked there.

The Composer