Thursday, October 27, 2016

Moab Daily News Extra!: Rex-Avis safe after attack!

This just in! Our sources have learned that Colorado and Octavia Rex-Avis are safe after an attack by unknown forces. Sir Stanley Drakemore was apparently with them at the time, as well as several unnamed associates. There are reports of injuries but as yet nothing specific is available, and there is no word on either Arthur Rex-Avis, heir apparent to the family holdings, or Jasper Newman. Both accompanied Rex-Avis matriarch Colorado on the complex and sensitive trade mission.

Here's what we know so far:

About one month ago a contingent representing the Rex-Avis Trust departed Proserpine on a trade mission to the Kingdom of Colores in Sector Six. They arrived safely at a Colores orbital station about two weeks ago. They can be seen here touring what appears to be a Colores research facility.

The exact nature of the trade mission is still secret, but it appears to relate to a naval shipbuilding program. Colores cruiser KCS Passeraux can be seen below alongside what may be a new class of warship, possibly to be named KCS Iowa. It is believed that the mission relates to this latter new class of ship.

Below is a photograph of an energy unit that may be the subject of the trade deal. We contacted an engineering expert visiting Proserpine from Burgkhan Kaldun Prime. In her estimation guild digs on Moab III likely yielded the breakthroughs behind this new unit. The extension on the right may be a small tachyon accelerator. She was unable to speculate further from the photograph, but deems it possible that the device may use some kind of tachyon field reaction. The energy density of tachyon fields is amongst the highest now known, and some physicists have speculated that the collapse of such a field, if properly controlled, could approach perfect matter to energy conversion, which would allow a powerplant of enormous output in an unprecedentedly small footprint.

The unit was apparently taken to a station on the Bakkun Moon's Plain of Loneliness which can be seen in the diagram and photograph below. The Rex-Avis party is apparently standing on the terrace of the observation center.

Late last week a special operations unit carried out an assault on the Colores research facility. An armored fighting vehicle of an unidentified type can be seen below. This vehicle was apparently a part of the attack.

We hate to speculate too far, but it seems quite unlikely that the timing and location of the attack could be coincidence. Apparently parties hostile to either or both the Rim or Colores have taken an interest in our trade deal or construction project it would benefit.

The Rex-Avis contingent was present at the time. Colorado and Octavia Rex-Avis both escaped the incident. Our reporters have been in contact with their staff. No statement is, as yet, forthcoming. All photographs and maps above have been obtained from sources in the Kingdom of Colores. To learn more of the incident, please consult the Sector Six Governor General's release on the events.

This is a developing story. Our initial report appears under the title Rex-Avis to Sector Six. Please check back! 

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Moab Daily News: Rex-Avis to Sector Six

Moab Daily News,

Our sources have learned that the Rex-Avis trade delegation has arrived safely in the Kingdom of Colores and are now negotiating a technology transfer that should benefit both sides of the newly discovered Red Route 1 linking the Moab system directly to the Kingdom of Colores, and thus cutting weeks off previous best transit times and bypassing coreward Imperial ports. The new route will allow more freedom of exchange, since information and goods not passing through imperial worlds will not be subject to Imperial tariffs and customs, though treaty tithes on profits will still apply. The route is not without its risks, as there are a number of uncatalogued systems adjacent to it whose present inhabitants, if any, are unknown. Since it is beyond the range of the Imperial NavAid beacon system wayfinding is also somewhat more complicated and will probably require guild navigators for the time being. But the Rim government feels the benefits of this new route far outweigh its risks, and thus Proconsul Cristos Commodus has encouraged rim business leaders to launch ventures using Red Route 1, and the Rex-Avis led technology exchange is to be one of these.

The precise terms of the transfer have not yet been disclosed, but sources close to a senior Rex-Avis staffer suggest that it might involve a high energy density generation unit that could be adapted for warp space propulsion, and that it involves Rex-Avis contacts in the Dwaf clans of the Burgkhan Kaldun system. Scouts connected to Guildmaster Bogino Ganbaatar discovered the ruins of an abandoned alien settlement here ten years ago and set up research stations to catalog and study the archeotech found there. Clan Rex-Avis was an early investor in several of these projects. Perhaps this generation unit is a dividend from this venture. Our sources at the Proconsul's office refused to comment when approached.

Members of Clan Rex-Avis attending a party in
in honor of Livinia January Rex-Avis's birthday
and in celebration of the upcoming trade mission.

For those not already aware, the Governor General and I are in the middle of a personnel exchange between Sector Six and the Tartarus Rim. To see news of how things are going from the Kingdom of Colores have a peek at his first post on the subject. I'll try to keep folks updated as the adventure unfolds. Thanks for following along!

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Continued in the Governor General's second report and our own Moab Daily News Extra!