Thursday, November 3, 2016

Moab Daily News Special Report: Tech Transfer Success!

Rex-Avis associates and advisors examine a scan
 of the Giza Plateau immediately following the tests.
(Official Kingdom of Colores Photograph) 


We have just received a waveless report from our courier pinance that the technology transfer with the Kingdom of Colores has been a stunning success. The exact nature of the mission has not yet been fully disclosed, but our agents in the field report that testing went smoothly in spite of the attempted disruption. We understand that the attackers have been captured and will be brought to swift justice.

Colorado Rex-Avis will be returning aboard the Clan liner TMS Enhance. The ship earns this new prefix, TMS, with the award of a regular mail contract between the rim port of Proserpine and Colores along Red Route 1. The ship was heretofore a humble Rex-Avis Clan Trader, but Proconsul Commodus made the contract and the honorific official at his press conference this morning, saying "This isn't just a success for clan Rex-Avis or researchers on Moab or our allies on Burgkhan Kaldun Prime; it's a success for the entire Tartarus Rim. We should all be proud of the stellar work Colorado Rex-Avis has done on this mission. These are the sorts of projects we've long championed to bring work to our struggling worlds, and it's made possible through our efforts to prioritize innovation and high tech manufacturing; to cut the red-tape and sectoral bureaucracy that have, in the past, hampered these sorts of startups so that we can bring more jobs and more trade back to Moab, to Anesidora, to Hecate and Blanding and to all the other Rim worlds."

The Senate and Camarata have passed a joint resolution declaring Wednesday the 30th, four standard weeks from today, Rex-Avis Day. It will be a provincial holiday and government offices will be closed that day. Look for Colorado's triumphant return immediately before the festivities. More information will follow, so please keep our feed in your stream and your browsers handy.


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If, dear readers, you would like to glance behind the curtain and know more of what's unfolding (or maybe get it with a little less official spin from the good Proconsul) please wander over to the Governor General's latest post in our little crossover extravaganza. My own version of the story begins with the Rex-Avis trip to Colores and the Governor General's starts with her arrival there. It's a fun story so far. Please stay tuned for more. On both sides of Red Route 1.

The Composer

Continued in Project Iowa Episode 5: The Lighthouse Door.


  1. These are great companion posts.

    They really fill out the detail of the story. I appreciate all the effort that goes into this.

  2. Mostly, I want to point my friends to your excellent games. So I *hope* you've been seeing some traffic from places where I've posted about it. Maybe. :"> Really enjoying it, in any case.

  3. Hi, Mr. C. Great rim stuff. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Jay. I will confess, though. It's somewhat easier when I'm telling someone else's story. :"> (It's a little complicated, I suppose. He's using some of my characters. But he's running the games and telling the story first, right now. And I'm just retelling it after and adding a few embellishments.)

  5. Am I late? OUch, yes I think so...The delay "four standard weeks " seems to be exceeded...Well, no matter, a nice story with multiple twists and turns already achieved, great job sir!

  6. Sadly, you are not. I am. For . . . complicated reasons partially involving a late Marine and partially due to my own . . . quirks. All will be revealed soon, I hope. But no, you're not late. Glad you enjoyed the story. Hope you had a peek at the Governor General's telling, as the first part is his story. More WILL follow. Imminently. Cross my heart. I've scheduled stuff with other people and everything, so I'm committed.