Monday, October 17, 2016

Moab Daily News: Rex-Avis to Sector Six

Moab Daily News,

Our sources have learned that the Rex-Avis trade delegation has arrived safely in the Kingdom of Colores and are now negotiating a technology transfer that should benefit both sides of the newly discovered Red Route 1 linking the Moab system directly to the Kingdom of Colores, and thus cutting weeks off previous best transit times and bypassing coreward Imperial ports. The new route will allow more freedom of exchange, since information and goods not passing through imperial worlds will not be subject to Imperial tariffs and customs, though treaty tithes on profits will still apply. The route is not without its risks, as there are a number of uncatalogued systems adjacent to it whose present inhabitants, if any, are unknown. Since it is beyond the range of the Imperial NavAid beacon system wayfinding is also somewhat more complicated and will probably require guild navigators for the time being. But the Rim government feels the benefits of this new route far outweigh its risks, and thus Proconsul Cristos Commodus has encouraged rim business leaders to launch ventures using Red Route 1, and the Rex-Avis led technology exchange is to be one of these.

The precise terms of the transfer have not yet been disclosed, but sources close to a senior Rex-Avis staffer suggest that it might involve a high energy density generation unit that could be adapted for warp space propulsion, and that it involves Rex-Avis contacts in the Dwaf clans of the Burgkhan Kaldun system. Scouts connected to Guildmaster Bogino Ganbaatar discovered the ruins of an abandoned alien settlement here ten years ago and set up research stations to catalog and study the archeotech found there. Clan Rex-Avis was an early investor in several of these projects. Perhaps this generation unit is a dividend from this venture. Our sources at the Proconsul's office refused to comment when approached.

Members of Clan Rex-Avis attending a party in
in honor of Livinia January Rex-Avis's birthday
and in celebration of the upcoming trade mission.

For those not already aware, the Governor General and I are in the middle of a personnel exchange between Sector Six and the Tartarus Rim. To see news of how things are going from the Kingdom of Colores have a peek at his first post on the subject. I'll try to keep folks updated as the adventure unfolds. Thanks for following along!

The Compoesr

Continued in the Governor General's second report and our own Moab Daily News Extra!


  1. Buttons pressed... it does feel good.

  2. This was all the Governor General's idea. Of course, I'd been dreaming of doing a cross blog story with him or Cheetor ever since I saw the one the two of them did. Which . . . honestly . . . there's a lot of good stories floating around the little world we mutually inhabit. Connections between them are great fun. So suffice it to say, I'm waiting as breathlessly as everyone. :)