Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Black Sheep in the Family

Among my many periodic Rogue Trader era obsessions are variations on a theme I'll call Satyrs in Space. Citadel, of course, did a line they called beastmen, which might have been the D&D catch-all term for creatures of the sort. The trouble is, they did very few for Sci-Fi, and all are just uncommon enough to be a bit on the pricier side these days. Some folks converted fantasy beastmen. (Rather in parallel to the better fantasy frog conversions.) A few others were good enough sculptors to make space humans into goats. But I'm really only looking for a few. And I'm sometimes lazy. And still only a mediocre sculptor. (Though that is changing.)

Enter other companies . . .

I've previously talked about painting a Demonblade Goathead Gnasher in a post called Abhumans to the Fore. I've talked about the Spacelords range several times before, and I've had their goatlike Phagons (currently available from Moonraker Miniatures) in my collection for a while . . . but it took some time to get them painted. Which is really a shame. They're quite lovely, if a little techier looking than the Citadel goats I'm pairing them with. (Metal Magic sculpts seem to have generally been a little more Byzantine than Citadel, but they play well enough together.) The results of my first foray into the Phagon line are below.

And here he is with a Citadel beastman and a Demonblade Goathead for comparison. All three are a little different. The Demonblade miniature is the tallest and heaviest. The Phagon is the lightest and shortest. But they're not so far apart as to look like different animals. Just . . . slightly different breeds of goats. And there are a lot of goats in the world, so that's okay.

As a small aside, I decided to take a photograph of the photography apparatus for a discussion elsewhere. Kind of a PiP still life. So there's a little glimpse through the fourth wall into my current workshop.

As always, thank you for reading. Hope to see you next time.

The Composer


  1. Interesting characters, Mr. C. And, BTW, you sure do get alot of mileage out of those two faucet water valves! I love them. Next valve change here at my casa I'm going to score two super neat structures, or engines, or field showers, or irrigation pumps etc.

  2. Ooh, busted. Yep, my industrial furnaces are a pair of old faucet cartridges. I try not to let things go to waste. I think they came out a little better than the XLR turbines you can see in the foreground of this photograph of the Graceful Ghost.

    I think the little plastic package platform works better than the flat cardboard of the older set piece. I did a better job detailing it and thinking out how it might work as a piece of equipment. Sort of. And I certainly weathered it much better.

    . . . Anyway, thank you. Will be interesting to see how such things might serve in Zamazonia. :)