Thursday, January 7, 2021

2020 In Review

2020 has been . . . 2020. And may there never be another year quite like it. But in spite of all that (and I do mean in spite) I at least got a few things painted. Not so many as I might have in a normal year, but I am making no apologies for 2020.

So here's the rundown beginning with 28mm vehicles:

1: The Half Jimmy

2: The Eldar Skimmer

2020 was in many ways the year of the farm animal on Moab 2. I painted up lots of 'em. (Probably more than anything else, save possibly scatter terrain. More on that later.)

1-6: Noiffen

7 and 8: "Babe" Blue Oxen

9-11: Terror Birds

12: Mr. Donkey

13-20: Pigs in Space

21-23: Also goats in Space

I did also get some people painted. Not tons, but enough.

1-4: The Duchess of Pain Court and her Boudoir Noire.

5: The Pieman

6: The Ringmaster

7-9: The Sushi seller, the pilot, and the honeymooners.

10: A Goat with a Gun
(I'll leave you the little preview of 2021 as a teaser for what comes next.)

To this we can add a fair bit of scatter terrain, including the pizza kitchen seen with the pieman above, the carnival barkers platform, and . . .

Ore bins, hazmat casks, 50 gallon drums, wheels, road cases, beer kegs (all local brews) and even a few wine casks. (I should really post about that. Meant to. Got distracted by plague.) All manner of loads and a couple of shipping pallets
(not pictured) to hold them.

Last but not least I painted a whole new collection of spaceships, many of which have not as yet appeared elsewhere on the blog. And while these have o-fee-shul GW names I'm ignoring that in favor of fun:

1-8: Space Swords (which are not cancelled)

9: Space Galleon With Fun Gun

10-11: Space Galleons with Pokers

12-13: Poncy Elven Sailboats in Space

Like nearly all great empires Games Workshop got their navy started with ships designed by and purchased from foreign builders. And since these would be those I'm going to utterly ignore what GW thinks these things are and make it up myself. After all, that's what the Caster of Nottingham did before me!

14-20: Space Destroyers and Space Cruisers with Balls!
(Ignore the home-build. Though maybe if I add balls . . . )

21: Space Battleship with Balls

22: Big Honking Freighter with More and Bigger Balls

It really was not a banner year. Adequate, but only because the first six months punched above their weight output-wise. But then . . . 2020. Oh boy! Will that ever mean the same thing again? Hindsight is surviving 2020 and looking back and saying "Nya nya! I'm out, you sneaky plague rat!" 2020.

But the tally:
2 vehicles
23 heads of space livestock
10 people (It started so well!)
22 spaceships. (Might actually have been 23. I think there was a little atmospheric shuttle lost in there.)
A lot of scatter terrain. (Not going to count. It was all pretty quick. Though putting local brew labels ont things did take a little work. And I created my own space label logo. Maybe that'll come up when I do the scatter terrain catchup post.)

It's not terrible. But not what I'd been hoping for. As to 2021? I make no promises. Let's survive what I hope is the tail end of the plague, find our mojo, and move forward.

Congratulations living through all of this. May none of us ever again live in such interesting times. ;-)

The Composer


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Warburton. I have been away too long. It's nice to be back. Happy new year and good luck to you as well. :)

  2. Lots of lovely stuff here. Those space ship pics with planets on the back ground are really great! And I love the world building you´re doing with the civilians and animal. Good luck for 2021!

    1. Thank you! It was fun making the planets. They're a strangely wide variety of things including a rock in Utah, a chair at my gaming table, and my basement floor. I hope to do more world building soon. (Invasions make for great world building, right?)

  3. Wonderful figures all around, loce the animals and the spaceships...

    1. I was really glad to get the animals done. They work well to add to that atmosphere of the Space Western, and they feature prominently in scenarios from two of my favorite examples: Firefly and Rogue Trader. (The very first scenario in the Rogue Trader Plot Generator is cattle smuggling. There's a certain way in which Firefly feels like it was rolled up using that most sacred of tables.) Anyway, glad you like it! It was fun stuff to collect and paint. :)

  4. Great round up, glad to see you back but let's get some more narrative stuff done, eh?

    1. :D I see! I shall endeavor to do my best. I beg your patience as nearly my entire studio and all my soundless stages are something of a mess, thanks to a small construction debacle. Half my crew and nearly the entire cast are shaking off some unwanted construction dust. But we shall overcome! The show must go on . . . eventually. ;-)

      Thank you for your confidence and encouragement. I really do aim to tell more story now that I'm starting to dig out.

  5. Nice, even if you don't feel you have the desired quantity you have made up with some quality work and so very useful additions to the collection....and a goat with a gun, every good list needs at least one armed farm animal!.

    1. I have a small and growing herd of armed goats. :) Also frogs and bugs and maybe there will be an ambulatory bull or a fish or two with guns at some point soon. (I should really paint those, huh?) Thank you Sprinks. Agreed all around.

  6. Your output is more than meritory! I don't mean 'given the circumstantes', I really mean it in absolute terms. You've done some pretty enjoyable paitjobs, but I have a soft spot for the Space fleet ships. Oh, they are so lovely!

    1. I aim to give them company. :) Thank you Suber. From you that's high praise indeed.