Saturday, July 3, 2010

I miss you, sis, or the aftermath of cancer

I should really have posted here some time ago, as a number of you have been pulling for me and for my sister, Miriam. Thank you. I really appreciate all that you've said and all that you've done. The fight is over.

I miss you, sis. I miss you already. Rest in peace, wherever you may be. Rest in peace. And I love you.

Miriam Ruth Kovac: 23 May 1976 - 19 June 2010.

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  1. Many comments from friends and acquaintances were made in sympathy on OKCupid. I will not repost them here, but it seemed necessary to repost the journal entry to give closure to the concert. Miriam was the entire reason I went to the length of putting it on.

    Sitting here a year later I'm glad I did. I still miss my sister greatly, every day. I still worry sometimes that it was a selfish act, but I think she enjoyed it, which is what I wanted: to give her something to look forward to for a little while. Something fun.

    I love you, Miriam. I miss you even now. I will miss you until I myself am gone. Take care, Miriam. Wherever you are.