Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pandora's Box

Speranza in Tartarus
Episode Three - Pandora's Box

Sensitive Eyes Only Communication Follows.

To: Guildmaster Bogino Ganbaatar
Aboard BKNS Chingis Khagan
From: Sir Percy Bysshe Jackson III, Territorial Governor Tartarus Rim

The  Tartarus Rim Government has lost contact with a small, but sensitive biotechnology development outpost on a remote moon in the Anesidora system. A scheduled supply and mail run from Proserpine failed to arrive at Tartarus Gate. The cause of the communication loss is unknown at this time. Emissions characteristic of Orchian spacecraft were detected at the Hecate Observation Post shortly before the supply freighter was scheduled to leave Anesidora. It is believed one or more small craft may have crossed near the system. This may be related, and even if it is only coincidence it is one more reason for extreme caution. The research, backed directly by Imperial grants, is highly classified and extremely important. The Rim Government has elected to respond with a well armed expedition. Elements of the Fifth and Second companies of the Burgkhan Kaldun Guard have been tasked to investigate, recover key files, and secure the area if possible. You will take charge of this expedition, loading the elements aboard your cruiser at Burgkhan Kaldun Prime and carrying them at best possible speed to Anesidora for covert terminator dusk-drop for lowest visible and IR detectability. All possible measures should be used to maintain ELINT secrecy. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this mission.

Attached you will find a complete load-out list, a personnel list with briefs, and coordinates for the system, moon, and outpost.

Sir Percy


  1. Very nice semi arid scene, Mr. C. It is too quiet there from where I'm observing. You hooked me real good. I'm hungry for more of the mysterious quiet at the outpost.

    Nice job!

  2. Something does seem a bit off, doesn't it? Thank you. Glad you like my little write up. Hopefully Bogino Ganbaatar can answer some of your questions for you in the AAR. Sir Percy is looking forward to that information too.

  3. You know it's only this quiet just before the shit hits the fan!

  4. I figure there's got to be some reason it's so quiet. Research outposts don't go silent and freighters don't go missing for no reason, usually. Got to be something. Hopefully Ganbaatar has enough cleaning supplies along to deal with whatever the mess might be.