Thursday, March 15, 2012

Superior Soryu Recommissions as Katsuragi

To continue from earlier . . .

Next I'll talk a little about converting a Superior "Soryu" into the Unryu class carrier Katsuragi. The "Soryu" was another "fire-sale" purchase which was short a few pieces. Again, this isn't too serious, as I can usually fabricate what I need. This time I didn't even need to go that far, since I had a spare island from a GHQ Kaga.

First, though, some changes were needed. The number of heavy and medium AA mounts is nearly identical between Soryu and Katsuragi, but the arrangement is quite different and the stacks are a little further aft. So I removed the stacks and relevant AA mounts, carefully cutting them away with a razor saw. I reused all of them, putting them in the locations that best matched Katsuragi.

Some green two part epoxy filled gaps, cleaned up scars, and plated over the middle elevator. Lastly, I added a spare GHQ tripod mast. I've made these from blank stock, but if you have one sitting around it saves a great deal of effort.

After this it was just the radar fit and some paint. I used the usual squashed styrene for the former. For the latter I chose a late war camouflage scheme that I provides a nice contrast to all the early war grey. (I tend to shoot as close to mid 1942 as I can, but for ships sunk early or built late you just can't get there.)


  1. I need to find a few of those fire sales. :-)

  2. They're few and far between but they're nice when you find them.

  3. Lovely work as always, Composer!

  4. Thank you Mr. Prufrock. :) It was a fun conversion.