Sunday, January 27, 2019

Hexapodal Messianists Daughter Congregation

Another very worthwhile acquisition during 2017 was the new Bob Olley cult. These were comissioned by some folks on the Oldhammer pages, to which I eagerly added my name, and cast up by Uscarl Miniatures, who sell them as La confrerie des mutants. (They also sell some fantastic space dwarves.) They're on the pricier side, but you cannot beat the sculpting or casting quality. These are, quite simply, top notch. That said, art:

I wanted to make this new cult both compatible with and somewhat visually distinct from my previous cult. My old hybrids had been heavily blue and white, so I used a blue note for the first of the new, but also bright green pants and a dark grey cloak that felt rather different.

With that as a launching point I had to decide how to paint the preacher. My previous circuit rider had been purple with a stary cloak, so I decided to work off the green of the previous fellows pants.

Yellow is always a nice combination with green, and suns, moons, and planets made for a nice cloak. There's a certain comfortable primary school teacher vibe to her dress that I feel gives a quite interesting contrast to her otherwise rather disturbing demeanor.

One of the problems I run into of late is the increasing number of miniatures to whom I don't want to impart a completely matte finish. To that end I matte varnished her and then hit certain key elements with a gloss acrylic coating. (Notably the dress and the gold icon on her staff.) While this works, I'm not completely satisfied. The glossy ink on the very flat acrylics gives a neat rather satiny effect. The acrylic sealer, on the other hand, is almost too glossy. Ah well. You win some and lose some. And at least she's minimally protected.

Anyway, I cannot over-emphasize how much I enjoy painting Olley's models. The man does good work and his stuff is a joy to color. It's a bit of an acquired taste, but once you get there it's a fun ride. :)

Thank you for reading along.

The Composer


  1. I totally agree about Olley's work. Delightful paintjob here :)

    1. Thank you Suber. Coming from you that is high praise indeed. :)

  2. You wait ages for an update then 5 in a week! These models look great and I very much like the paintjob. Is that an old Bob Olley guardsman in the background of the last picture? Either way, another enjoyable post.

    1. It gets worse. I'm not done yet. :"> So far all of this is stuff I should really have published in late 2017 or early 2018. I won't be caught up for a couple of days. And once that's done . . . I already have a big project in the wraps for 2019! (I always do better in the early part of the year.)

      Anyway, yes, that is an Olley guardsman. I frequently use him as a human member of the cult. (Much the same as the Space Eunuch next to him.) If you look REALLY closely you might even notice a zoat through the window. (Well, sort of. Zoat fanservice, anyway.) And of course the little pink fellow inside the barn says "Tyranid" on his tab, even if he does look like a hunter-slayer.

      Thank you very much! Glad you like them. Sorry to dump. I should really schedule and space this stuff out better, but now that it's written I'm like a kid in a candy shop that just can't wait.