Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Year in Review

I'm shamelessly stealing the idea for a review from an acquaintance over on the Oldhammer Forums. I suppose it's related to what I was already doing with a fleet review, which at one time was intended to be on my birthday, which is conveniently near this time of year. But since the fleet review has been co-opted by the Imperial Coronation and the fleet doesn't really include the oldhammer and other modeling activities (I'll spare you the symphonic and poetic) a modeling year in review seems a fantastic idea.

This has been a productive year. I apparently built or painted somewhat more than three dozen ships and boats, likely a comparable number of figures, a few vehicles, a wide variety of buildings in a couple of scales, and even a little bit of terrain. Not a record breaking year, but a good one.

1/2400 industrial structures

KM armored cruisers built on commission

Graf Spee built on commission

RN cruisers on commission

Allied oilers and tankers

(The island is old, but papa's got a brand new wharf.)

Allied merchants

USS Atlanta

Imperial Japanese merchant and auxiliary shipping

The Royal Australian Navy


Oldhammer and Ramshackle Miniatures

Terrain for Moab III

Next year I'd like to

A. Paint my backlog of 1/2400 ships. This is unlikely, but I have only HAD a backlog for about a year and a half now. I don't like having broken my new rule (don't buy new ships until the old ones are painted) but a fire sale with unbeatable prices weakened me. I want very much to fix that.

B. I'd like a few new buildings for Logansport. A bar would be good. Maybe also a temple. Quite possibly a brothel.

C. The Lace Rock Gang needs a spaceship. A small one, to be sure, but a useful one.

D. The Lace Rock Gang needs a rock. Which is to say they need a home operating base.

E. A little further progress on the genestealer and elf armies would be nice.

Okay David. Time to break some records. Good years are nice and all that, but you need some record breaking to get through that list. Good luck.

Ed. note: It appears the total count of discreet items built or painted this year runs to 122. They break down approximately as follows:

40 1/2400 ships (including four on commission)
6 1/2400 terrain items
36 28mm terrain items
40 28mm miniatures including vehicles

Addn. note: It is EXTREMELY difficult to figure out what was painted when if you haven't made careful notes. Stuff seems to always fall through the cracks. Thus the above numbers aren't quite gospel, but they should be close. Further, not quite everything is pictured. If you have the patience I will try to go back and notate accurately what was painted when, getting it in order and more accurately accounted, as Cheetor so carefully did on his review.


  1. It looks like solid output to me, loads of cool stuff there. Well done.

    Record breaking years are great and everything, but consistent output is always better than binge output followed by unproductive slumps, as far as I am concerned at least.

    Im looking forward to seeing what shenanigans occur in Moab II in 2015.

  2. Thank you Cheetor.

    As to binge v. consistency, I suspect we're on the same page. I want to achieve my record breaking year with steady consistent output. I'm a little prone to binge modeling, as you might guess from my jumps between oldhammer and WWII. If I can consistently sit down and paint a little every day (or at least most days) that's when I get stuff done.

  3. mucho arte en tu trabajo
    felicidades por estas figuras

  4. Muchas gracias señor. I am very grateful for your kind words.

  5. Mis disculpas. Muchas gracias señora. Por favor, perdona mi error.