Thursday, August 21, 2014

Showdown at the Graceful Ghost

Regular readers are no doubt aware that I've been working on a Pulp Alley campaign set ambiguously on the fringes of a partucular far distant future. Below is the result: "Showdown at the Graceful Ghost."

The Lace-Rock Boys (and Girls) landed on Moab Saturday night to retrieve their cache of weapons and money only to be jumped by the not-so-helful spaceport dicks. Early Sunday morning they narrowly escaped with their skin and crept out to the abandoned Graceful Ghost Mine to grab their loot and bail from this withered dustbowl of a forgotten moon . . .  

Whom should they spy cresting the last butte? The pirate Jesse "Goldberg Street."

The bastard must have known they were coming and bribed spaceport security so he could surreptitiously follow them to the pickup. What else could possibly go wrong? 

Who is the mysterious man in blue with the curiously over-armed simian friend?

Your job? Get the loot and get out before that lutz Goldberg Street can clean your chronometers. Easy, right? Best keep a sharp lookout and a ready pistol.

. . .

Tune in next week to find out what went down at the Graceful Ghost. 


  1. Looks like fun. Im very interested to see how you get on with this. Its right up my (Goldberg) street

    That silver epic Harlequin has given me an idea too...

  2. In theory he's supposed to be a little gold guy. The color is a little vague because the photo isn't my finest and he's supposed to have been underground for a number of centuries collecting dirt. Got the idea when someone on another site was asking for suggestions for what to do with some beads. I figured "plinth for a statue" and had some epic eldar sitting around randomly . . . voila: the Graceful Ghost. What's more graceful than dancing death? I think I shall call this award the Shiva. Winner of the game wins the Shiva for the month? Maybe something like that.