Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

I've always been jealous of the trips the cool kids on certain sites I frequent take. Even though I've taken some cool trips myself. Well, that's about to change: now you can be jealous of me, cool kids, as I'm taking a pretty awesome cool trip myself. To meet a fellow OKCupider, maihong, even. Tomorrow I hare off to Vietnam. Yep. Vietnam. To a city once called Saigon famous in the U.S. primarily for unscheduled helicopter flights, but in fact larger than Chicago and cooler than L.A.

(Well, maybe and maybe not on that second one. Cool is in the eye of the beholder, after all, but I'm excited about it.)

Much to see and do. Families to meet. Coffee to drink. A lovely woman to woo. Good times.

So wish me luck in my great quest. I shall endeavor to post pictures this time. (Kind of failed to do that when I went to meet wichzenka, soulofsolitude, and mplsindygirl. Oops. Will have to redo that trip one day soon just to prove it really happened.)

So anyway, thank you for your patience and well wishes.


The Composer

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