Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am I still in one piece?

Holly cow! I'm still in one piece. I made it through. The sister enjoyed the concert. I nearly, well I cried more than once. Kept it quiet and short, but I did cry. Gave my mother a piece of music too, since she's turning 60. (Was a last minute idea. But the right piece was on the program anyway.) It wasn't perfect, of course, as such performances never are, but it was fun, lighthearted, and everyone seemed to have had a good time. It seems that there is now a bit more new music floating around out there. I'll try to post some video or audio soon.

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  1. Comments from the original OKCupid post:

    Anonymous 1:
    Hooray! This is a truly awesome thing you have done.

    The Composer: It was happy making all around. I'm glad everyone seems to have enjoyed it. Now I just have to get my piano and easy chair back to my living room and a bunch of assorted drums and music stands back to a local church.